About Us

About Us

Greenwheels Automobile Pvt. Ltd. Incorporated in 2015 is a well-known manufacturer of ICAT (Government of India) approved electric rickshaws. We believe in carrying the business with updated work methodologies and accomplishing our goals with a holistic approach and strategic planning. We work passionately to drive our business at a good pace and set new benchmarks in all the business fields. Greenwheels Automobile has its manufacturing unit located in Lucknow U.P. India. We have a dedicated team that develops and gives us a deep understanding of the future transport system and upcoming technologies in the case of renewable energies.

India’s No-1 Electric Rickshaw Manufacturer & Supplier

Why Green Wheel Auto E-Rickshaw

Most of the cities in developing countries are highly polluted. The main reasons are the air and noise pollution caused by transport vehicles especially petrol-powered two and three-wheelers mostly called auto-rickshaws. An electric cycle-rickshaw can provide a non-polluting and very silent transport system for urban and rural areas of India. Besides, it is a very energy-efficient and cost-effective vehicle. Besides creating a non-polluting transport system in India, electric rickshaws will also provide dignity to rickshaw pullers. Presently rickshaw pullers are treated as belonging to the lowest rung of the society.  

A motorized rickshaw gives dignity to most of the rickshaw pullers. It is felt that the police and the people, in general, treat the motorized transport drivers with slightly more respect. Besides giving dignity, electric rickshaws can also provide extra income to the rickshaw puller since he can ply his rickshaw to greater distances in one day.

Our Mission

To Develop an eco-friendly vehicle and transportation system to keep our environment free from hazardous carbon gases and prevent global warming. For us battery rickshaw manufacturing is not only a business opportunity but also a social responsibility, we feel honored by providing such a product in the market which is directly related to the upliftment of the poor section of our society. The traditional rickshaw pullers can easily get a technology-based battery rickshaw which will enhance their economic and social condition of them as well as the society altogether.

Our Vision

Our vision is to instill pride of ownership in our customers across geographies, enlightening lives & creating an eco-friendly eco-system. We desire to deliver products that are of outstanding quality & value for money, ensuring impeccable service for all our customers' needs.

Our Ambition

To make the future of transportation smart and electric. To accelerate the growth of sustainable transport by bringing compelling electric vehicles to market.

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